Am I Being Disrespected? 6 Clues That Say Yes

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by Cheryl Ragsdale

All of us have experienced that awkward moment when you realize that you’ve been disrespected. Sometimes, the person who is being disrespectful has a way of covering their tracks. They can make you feel like you deserve their critique. Other times, it just feels rude and you definitely get angry.

6 Clues to Let You Know How You’re Being Disrespected

Here are six clues to let you know — without a doubt — that you have just been disrespected:

1. Having contempt for

Contempt – being disrespected for something that other people consider to be important. When someone responds to one of your accomplishments or to a task that you’ve just completed with contempt. It sounds something like, “You missed a spot.”

disrespect contempt definition

2. Making derogatory comments about

Derogatory – being disrespected by something or someone, usually in an insulting way. This one can sound like a compliment, but it’s really an insult. “Congratulations on losing all that weight — again.”

 derogatory definition

3. Expressing Scorn

Scorn – a feeling that someone or something is not good enough to deserve your approval or respect. This one can catch you off-guard because, intrinsically, all humans are worthy of respect. People who withhold their respect are behaving scornfully towards you. They want you to work harder to gain their respect.

scorn definition

4. Making derisive comments

Derisive – lack of respect , showing that you think someone or something is stupid, unimportant or useless. This one is obvious. It’s insulting and difficult to deal with. Especially, if you are unprepared for it. It can sound like, “Nobody cares.”

disrespected derisive definition

5. With disregard

Disregard – the attitude of someone who disrespected something or who considers it unimportant. This one will make you feel like you’re wasting your breath talking to this person. The truth is, you are wasting your breath.

disregard definition

6. Having disdain for

Disdain – the feeling that someone or something is not important and deserves to be disrespected. People express disdain when you are excited about something and they say, “Really? Whatever.”

disdain definition


Which of the six clues that you’ve been disrespected show up for you most often?

How have you responded to being disrespected by people who mean well, but behave badly? What about when you’ve been disrespected by people who are being disrespectful on purpose? Please share your stories in the comments section.

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Source: Macmillan dictionary 
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