DramaGuru Belt Levels

DramaGuru Smash MMA for your mouth
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DramaGuru Verbal Martial Art Belt Levels

If you want to get good at defending yourself and others with verbal martial arts skills, this is your ladder to success.

At every level, a Dramaguru player can distinguish between (1) winning by vanquishing an opponent or (2) winning by walking away (give up, back down, run away to save your life).

Dramaguru tshirt under businessman shirt suit jacket
Dramaguru on t-shirt under businessman’s shirt and suit jacket

Live to fight another day! Practice Mixed Martial Arts For Your Mouth.

Verbal MMA. Verbal Martial Arts. Verbal Mixed Martial Arts. Call it whatever you want. I call it, DramaGuru.

  • White Belt: Learn to spot different positions and attacks in the situations happening around you.
  • Blue Belt: Dramaguru Smash situations using white belt tools. All tools can be used to mix and match attacks. Start implementing game plans to interrupt the pattern and change the game.
  • Purple Belt: Understand DramaGuru tools well enough to teach others, how to diagnose situations using a DramaGuru Smash. And then, taking the steps to work through a game plan.
  • Brown Belt: As a villain, set a trap that catches several people at the same time. As a hero, learn how to get two steps ahead to thwart the attack. Teach others how to interrupt the pattern and change the game.
  • Black Belt: Ability to fight back against an adversary using multiple positions and multiple attacks. Prepared for any type of attack at any level.

Stay tuned to this DramaGuru-channel for more!

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