CageFX 25: Small Venue, Exciting MMA Fights, Huge Fun!

cage fx 25 135 lb champ Team Lauzon

Winner: Team Lauzon’s  Randy Costa defeated Bucket Brigade’s Chris Caterino

CFX 25 Jorge Rivera retired UFC fighterCageFX 25: When you go to a local event in Boston, you can get sit close to the cage, meet UFC fighters — like Joe Lauzonand retired UFC fighters –like Jorge Rivera (wearing baseball cap) — and even guys who were on a season of “The Ultimate Fighter”.


Joey Muto (handwraps), Coach Jorge Rivera (cap) and the rest of Team Rivera

jorge rivera with Joey Muto and Team RiveraAnd you can ( as I did below) get your picture taken with the ring -girls (awkward)! Continue reading

How A Guru Deals With Abusive Situations

sadhguruExploitation is the use of someone or something in an unjust or cruel manner. “You’re just using me to get _____!

Most of us have been subjected to this kind of abusive behavior at one time or another.

In this video, about how to deal with a spouse who is behaving in ways that leave you feeling exploited,  Sadhguru explains that “endless complaining is no good…Either you have the courage to change it or you must learn to settle into it.”

How to Deal with an Exploitative Spouse? Sadhguru (video) Continue reading

Come at me, bro! Mongoose vs Lions

Lion vs Mongoose: Mongoose Fends Off Four Lions

What the Plucky Mongoose is Demonstrating

Only fight with lions when they’re not hungry. Fierce competitors love being challenged by confident “little guys”: Continue reading