Watch a Nice Guy Turn Abusive

Haven PSA nice guyAbusive people start off nice, but then something happens that triggers the need to control and humiliate.

In the video (below) produced for an organization called Haven, you can see what a guy using the “Eddie Haskell” attack looks like.

You should respect the fear that he generates and stay out of his reach. Watch the transformation on his face. It takes a fraction of a second to go from nice to RED FLAG. Continue reading

Abuse and Control: 6 Types of Domestic Violence

frog boiling in potIf you are wondering what abuse looks like or sounds like or feels like, read through the BlogHer post below. If you have joined in with the DramaGuru Revelation game on this blog, you may recognize some familiar attacks in the explanations given.

As you read through these patterns of abusive behavior, see if you can identify steps that allow you to see that an attack is on its way.

The DramaGuru objective is always to:

  1. Get two steps ahead of someone behaving badly.
  2. Interrupt the pattern, change the game.
  3. Create space to run away, distract or change the subject.
  4. Don’t wait until the situation has gotten too hot to handle.

Don’t give up! Practice makes perfect.

When you recognize that this is a problem you CANNOT solve: Tap Out!

The wise part of you knows the right time to give up and walk away. Continue reading