Creative Bickering With Monster Man

I watched a few episodes of a reality show on the SyFy TV channel called “Monster Man”. It’s about a family who work together creating monsters for Hollywood movies and the bickering that goes on whilst they’re working.

Each week, viewers watch two different monsters being created for two different clients. Deadlines are short. Tempers flare when the custom designs don’t come together as expected or take longer to complete. Clients (movie directors) need the make-up or costumes on set according to their shooting schedule. “We’re chasing daylight here!”

The pressure to create and design monsters according to specifications from the clients falls squarely on the shoulders of the father and his daughter. Dad taught his daughter the business. She has been helping him since she was a teenager. Now, she is as capable as her dad, but not as experienced.

Fighters, take your positions!

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DramaGuru Breakdown: Undermining Confidence

Question: What’s the best way to respond to a person who constantly undermines you and breaks your confidence?

kid waving hands saying whateverSituation: In a meeting of peers with the boss present, one person is wondering how to fight back when the boss launches his attack designed to undermine and disrupt the participants.

Normal Expectation: People feel respected and safe to express thoughts, debate ideas and have differences of opinion.

The Problem:  Bob, the boss, continually dismissing and undermining people’s comments.

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Life With An Arrogant Person

In the game I created called DramaGuru, at some point, players get into situations that are headed towards defeat. If you are competing against another person, especially with someone being arrogant, it’s important to recognize when you’re in a bad position.

General Custer Last StandThe truth is, you can’t always get out of a bad position.

When the war you’re waging has you feeling impending doom — like General Custer in 1865, at the Battle of Little Big Horn, about to make his last stand — there’s no shame in tapping out when you’ve run out of ideas or options.

Live to fight another day!

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